BASICBALL Academy consists of different integrated programs, studied to provide the largest offer possible to kids of every age and level: youth programs from 6 to 16, advanced programs from 17 to 25, summer pro camps for all of them. Each program always focuses on developing the athletes skills at their best, working on physical and technical aspects. Teaching the right method, training the best attitude, but always keeping the fun as first… for the love of the game.

The BASKETBALL SCHOOL offers 10 months of basketball, from September to June. Providing to our athletes – kids between 5 and 16 years of age – the possibility to practice two or three times per week, followed by qualified coaches of proven experience, to improve their skills and vision of the game day by day. Players will also compete in individual and team contests, learning not only the technical basis but also to apply it into the game situation, to handle the pressure and have fun in the challenges.

The ELITE PROGRAM offers custom programs developed for players between 17 and 25 years of age, providing them the possibility to focus their workout on specific skills and game situations. The basketball coaches and instructors will devote the maximum care helping them to improve, to understand and overcome their limits, and at the end of the program each kid will surely be a better player.

The PRO CAMP during the four weeks of July offers the exclusive opportunity to meet the greatest champions of the Euroleague and of the NBA, both head coaches as well players, practicing and playing day by day with them, asking them to talk about their experiences, learning by their example on and off the court. To become better players and better persons at the same time, as only the real champions can do.

All of this is BASICBALL Academy. Each program has different and customizable options. Let’s discover all of them in the detailed pages on the official website, make your choice and… become a member of the most exclusive, innovative and complete sports school! Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, but already a worldwide landmark withou borders for basketball.